The plane grinding machine is a type of grinding machine for grinding the workpiece plane or the shape of the mold. The main types include a torque, an lying axle, a vertical axis, a vertical axis and a variety of special flat grinders. The parameter constitutes 1 lying angle torque plane grinding machine: the workpiece is sucked or clamped on the table with a rectangular electromagnetic table and performs longitudinal reciprocating. The grinding wheel rack can take a transverse tail guide along the slide (see the machine) to give the movement (see the machine), the slider can be pulled into the movement along the guide rail of the column, and the workpiece is grinding the workpiece with the bearing wheel, and the grinding accuracy is more high. 2 vertical axial round planar grinding machine: vertically placed grinding wheel spindle with grinding wheel end face, the grinding wheel holder can move along the guide rails of the column. The workpiece is mounted on a rotating round workbench, which is highly grinded. In order to facilitate loading and unloading, the round workbench can also move longitudinally along the bed. 3 lying shaft round places grinding machine: Suitable for grinding circular sheet workpieces, and can use a table to tilting a ring workpiece of thickness. 4 vertical axle multi-plane grinding machine: Since the grinding wheel diameter is greater than the width of the workbench, the grinding area is large, suitable for efficient grinding. 5 Double end grinder: two parallel planes of the workpiece using two grinding grinding wheel surfaces, two types of housing and vertical axis. The workpiece is guided by a linear or rotary type feeding device. This grinding machine is very high, suitable for large quantities of bonded rings and piston rings and other parts. Further, there is a special grinding machine that is dedicated to the grinding machine bed guide surface, a dedicated grinding machine of grinding the transparent blade surface.