First: The precision equipment of the grinding wheel is shaken with different grinding wheels. Trimming the grinding wheel with sharp King Kong pencil. When the grinding wheel is adjusted, the sharp wheel is reached, and the workpiece can be grinded.It is more smooth; 2: Hand manipulation, feel in touch with the experience of many years, operate on different master, the same grinding machine, the workpiece, the workpiece is not the same, should be cut, refined, polished products should be careful, slowStering work, now products have become higher and higher as the shopping malls, the grinding parts should be high precision, otherwise do not reach the desired accuracy of the required accuracy; three: Machine Tool hygiene, one grinding machine insists on clean and easy to useLong-lasting, this requirement is very important, it seems ordinary, but you have to persist, wear clothes are neatly, the countertop is clean, and people operate the grinding machine and comfortable, and clean and make the machine tool. The accuracy can also stick to it.Products can also be high!