There are many types of grinding machines, mainly flat grinding machines, outer round grinding machines, inner grinding machines, universal outer grinding machines (also worn in the inner holes), gear grinding machines, thread grinding machines, rail grinders, unoccupied beds (grinding outer circles) )Wait. It mainly introduces the structure of the planar grinder and the structure of the planar grinding machine. 2) Slide – mounting the sand wheel rack and drive the grinding wheel rack along the column guide. 3) Column – support the slide and sand rack. 4) Workbench – mounting the workpiece and drives the reciprocating line movement by the hydraulic system. 5) Bed – support workbench, install other components. 6) The coolant system – provides a coolant (saponified oil) to the grinding zone. Hydraulic Transmission System – Its Composition: 1, Power Element – For oil pump, supply hydraulic transmission system pressure oil; Valve, control pressure, speed, direction, etc .; Hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission have the advantages of smooth transmission, overload protection, which can achieve stepless speed regulation in larger scale.