According to reports, Australia expects the annual iron ore exports to reach a record of 103.85 billion US dollars.Because the global steel manufacturing industry has undergone the low proliferation of new crown pneumonia, it began to recover.In the next five years, with the Miners of Bubu, Rio Tinto, FMG, which exploits more iron ore from Western Australia, and is expected that the most valuable economic export of the country will receive more than $ 100 billion in income every year..Iron ore shipments are expected to increase from 2025 to 2026 tons to 1.1 billion tons of 2025 to 2026, as the country is expected to maintain its lead market share without supplying recovery in Brazil.

Recently, from Korea arrived at the 3,096-ton imported renewable steel raw material in Tangshan Port Beijing, Tanggang District, after passing through the Beijing-Tang Kong Customs on-site inspection and laboratory appraisal.This is the first batch of renewable steel raw materials imported by Hebei Province on January 1, this year.The batch of goods was introduced from South Korea from South Korea, and the ship was in Tangshan Hong Kong, March 4, and was uninstalled on March 5.At present, the Jingtang Port Area has successfully connected 2 ships imported steel regeneration raw materials, follow-up plan, there are many ships to Hong Kong.Relying on the strength of Tangshan hinterland steel enterprises, the advantages of scrap steel demand, Jingtang Port Area is actively applying for the discharge library of Dalian Commodity Exchange, and build regenerative steel raw materials in Tangshan Port.