This is one of the original transmission of the transmission accuracy ***, the screw is a lead screw that is hard to quench with chromium alloy, has strong rigidity, when driving the sliding seat of the machine, will not bear the weightBend, bending, ensuring that the accuracy of the machine operation, the pitch error, the operator can accurately use the scale loop position, control the cutting size, reduce the measurement time, increase the work efficiency, the center of the center, and the center of the bearing support can ensureConcentric, and the surface of the abdomen is smooth, the contact surface between the yin and yang threads is good, so the operation is smooth, the copper screw is not worn by the rough surface of the screw, and the screw can also maintain its excellent, minimal thread.Displacement, axial gap, and the error, clear operation error, is well positioned, since the screw is good, the contact area is increased, so that a larger cut load is sufficiently capable.