the European Commission issued an announcement that the EU Enterprise Saint-GobainPam, Saint-GobainPamdeutschlandgmbH and Saint-GobainPamesPa? As.a. Application submitted on December 21, 2020, for the original Indian ink TubesandpipesofductilecastileCastiron conducts the first anti-dumping sunset recovery investigation: Review If the current anti-dumping measures, the import of products involving the products on the EU and whether the damage to the EU industry will continue or again. The EU CN . The product involved is not included in the inside and outside non-coated ductile iron pipe. The dumping period of this case is January 1, 2020, December 31, 2020, the damage analysis period is ending on January 1, 2017 ~ Dumping investigation period. On December 20, 2014, the EU was investigated for anti-dumping investigations for Dudy Iron Tubes, India. On March 18, 2016, the European Commission issued an announcement, which made anti-dumping affirmative final drain on native and or imported from India. On April 17, 2020, the European Union adjusted the anti-dumping tax rate of Jindalsawlimited in India to 3%, which came into effect on March 19, 2016.