1. The practical system has completed the useful processing of high-speed fine grinding metadata and data resources, and basically satisfied the needs of data users in the function design, and the useful shared and scientific processing of data is true. 2, integrity system covers various fields of grinding technology research and application, touches information, process, methods, equipment, standardization, security, etc. 3, the advanced system contains some experimental data in recent years of new scientific and technological achievements, representing the new trend of the development of world grinding technology. 4, operability Because the system uses the distributed cross-channel development of the B / S structure, the system does not require special requirements for the user’s operating system and related hardware configuration, and the user does not need any apparatus, as long as there is an environment that is connected to the Internet network and The device browser can be used. The system has friendly interactive interface and clear link navigation, users are easy to understand, operate simple sensitive, according to system interface prompts, users do not need special training to finish the corresponding operations. 5. All data supplied in the reliability database is strictly in accordance with metadata specification and data sharing quality processing methods and requirements, and has been arranged in the technical field to arrange review and verification of scientific data. 6. Scalability system selection of layered modular development, has good cross-channel sex and scalability, on the existing basis, can also be further utilized according to the supplied secondary development interface, users It can be sensitive to customize the new functional modules and interface style.