The side grinding is mainly special grinding with a planar grinder.When trimming, the diamond trimmer is trimmed.This is the same as the principle of the side surface grinding of the outer grinding machine.The repair amount should not exceed the repair amount of the grinding wheel during the outer grinding.The workpiece is rotated 90 in general plane grinding.After grinding, there is of course sometimes there is a way.The problem is placed in parallel with the side surface of the work in the side of the work.Because the reverse direction is a straight line, it is possible to parallel to the baffle of the electromagnetic suction cup, if it is parallel to the machining side surface.Of course, when the electromagnetic suction cup is electromagnetic suction cup, it is necessary to use a method of thoroughly parallel to the suction cup.Therefore, when the device is in the suction cup, we must first use this childhood to grind the suction cup, and then need to install the baffle behind the parallel.