There are various types of rolling bearings, which can be selected by considering the following factors

a. The size, direction and nature of the load

Ball bearings are suitable for light loads, roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads and impact loads. When the rolling bearing by pure axial load, the general choice of thrust bearing; when the rolling bearing by pure radial load, the general choice of deep groove ball bearings or short cylindrical roller bearings; when the rolling bearing by pure radial load at the same time, there is not much axial load, can choose deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and spherical ball or spherical roller bearings; when the axial load is larger, can choose the contact angle larger The angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, or use the combination of radial bearings and thrust bearings together, which is particularly suitable for very high axial load or special requirements of large axial rigidity.

b. Allowable speed

There is a big difference due to the different types of bearings. In general, the friction is small, less heat generation bearing, suitable for high speed. The design should strive to rolling bearings in its limit speed below the conditions of work.

c. Rigidity

When the bearing is under load, the bearing collar and rolling body contact will produce elastic deformation, the amount of deformation is proportional to the load, the ratio determines the size of the bearing rigidity. Generally, the bearing rigidity can be improved through the preload of the bearing; in addition, in the bearing support design, the combination and arrangement of the bearing can also be considered to improve the bearing support rigidity.

d. Alignment performance and installation error

After the bearings are installed in the working position, they are often installed and positioned poorly due to manufacturing errors. At this time, the shaft is often subjected to excessive load due to the shaft’s fallibility and thermal expansion, causing early damage. Self-aligning bearings can overcome the defects caused by mounting errors by themselves, so they are suitable for such applications.

e. Mounting and dismounting

Tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, etc., belong to the type of bearings with separable inner and outer rings (so-called separable bearings), which are easy to install and disassemble.


Even if the bearings are listed in the catalog, they are not necessarily available in the market; on the contrary, some of the bearings not listed in the catalog are produced in large quantities. Therefore, it should be clear whether the bearings used are easily available.