In my country’s machinery equipment, the planar grinder is in the world’s first mold production and sales ***, in my country’s current situation, the number of mainland molds and the number of people ***, nearly 70% of state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises also Most, the number of employees of large mold factories is about 600 ~ 700. More planning of thousands of people, the number of FoxConn employees with Hong Hai’s investment will be nearly 6,000 people *** representative, the medium-sized mold factory is 150 ~ 300, and the small mold factory has at least About 50 people, the other *** mold industry operates more small and medium-sized enterprise. At the product category, in 2002, Japan and the mainland were blended with stamping molds and plastic molds. The total output was more than half of the total weight. South Korea took advantage of other mold production than the total output of 40%. In terms of application shopping malls, Japan, South Korea, USA and Germany are *** products in automotive molds, and our country is dominated by electronic communications products. According to 2012, the models of Japan, South Korea and Germany, strong / standard, the mainland and the US mold, the mainland, the domestic demand mall, the domestic manufacturer can not completely supply, must borrow import mold to meet the current flow The product production of the mall, so it is strong / admission superprint. According to the country analysis of countries in 2012, there is a great correlation with the region spread, and the import and export area is neighboring ***, while Japan is more special is that the export area is mainly based on the United States, but with China in recent years The rapid development of the lower flow industry has gradually turned into the trend to broaden the mainland shopping malls.