The plane grinder is time for a long time for a long time, in the oil tank for a long time, the oil pump can not be removed, such as the oil pump is not strong, so that the new oil pump must be replaced, and the dust in the oil tank must be cleaned when replacing the oil pump.And dirty, the panel switch of the circuit board is simple and bad. In the long shutdown and the switch in the boot, it is the same as the parts in the body. It is necessary to replace and treat, and buy a few small switches. Pay attention to the wiringThe terminal is tight, and the follow-up column is pulled off and the upper and lower screws are tight. This will replace the screw, because the screw is worn in the rod, the gear and the bracket are worn, resulting in excessive gaps.What is said, in fact, the small grinding machine looks a general equipment mainly, which is good, no problem.