Flat grinding machine Tips for stainless steel: If you want to grind the stainless steel with a flat grinding machine, it is absorbed by the electromagnet, and the electromagnetic disk can’t succumb it or not, you can look at a few general iron plates to be equipped with stainless steel. Surrounded, the primary should be blocked in front to avoid moving stainless steel parts during grinding. Grinding stainless steel data, using a general white steel jade wheel. However, the knife can’t be too big, you can eat a few wires, multi-grinding, to fully cool, in order to avoid the abutment of stainless steel. At the grinding plane, don’t wear it to the scale once, you can turn a few times, so that the outer table of the part will be flat. For easy-to-deformable materials, generally processed, first processed, and then grind the second surface, you can use the gasket pad, (0.05 … 0.1 gasket), and the second surface is processed. Turn over the grinding, pad, repeat process until natural flat stop (manipulated margin) As long as the machine is better, the plane can be within 0.02. Processing CBN grinding wheel is good, such grinding wheel is hot, good cutting performance, small wear. Pay attention to the coolant. Because stainless steel has anti-magnetic properties, it cannot be magnetic, so it is not working on the flat working table. Even if the baffle is used, it will also be lifted during the process of grinding, so it is not stressing the bottom grind. *** Good to add process clamps or other process compression methods before grinding, otherwise, what you said will definitely exist. The grinding wheel of stainless steel with a planar grinder is as high as possible, and the quality of the abutment of stainless steel will be very poor.