the Pakistan National Tariff Committee issued the latest announcement of Case 37/2015, responding to the application for Pakistani Domestic STEELS LIMITED and AISHA STEEL MILLS LIMITED submitted on December 15, 2021, Or imported from China’s galvanized steel coils / sheets to launch the first anti-dumping sunset recovery investigation. The Pakistan Tax No. 7210.4110 (secondary mass, the width of 600 mm), 7210.4190 (Other width is greater than or equal to 600 mm), 7210.4990 ( Other widths of iron or non-alloy steel plate rollers), 7212.3010 (secondary mass, iron or non-alloy steel plate rolling material) of less than 600 mm, 7212.3090 (other width less than 600 mm iron or non-alloy) Steel flat plate rolling material), 7225.9200 (plating or coating with other methods, the width is greater than or equal to 600 mm), 7226.9900 (other alloy steel plate rolled material having a width of less than 600 mm). The investigation period of this case is October 2018 to September 2019, October to September 2020, 2019, and October to September 2021. The current anti-dumping duty continued to be effective during the date of publication. The final results of this case are expected to be issued within 12 months. Stakeholders should be registered within 10 days of the announcement, and submit the case reviews within 45 days, the evidence materials and the hearing application. Investigation organ (Pakistan National Tariff Committee) Contact: National Tariff Commission Address: State Life Building No. 5, Blue Area, Islamabad Tel: + 9251-9202839 Fax: + 9251-9221205 August 11, 2015, Pakistan National Tariff Council Investigation on the investigation of anti-dumping cases of galvanized coils from China. On February 8, 2017, Pakistan made anti-dumping affirmative and decided to collect 6.09% to 40.47% of China’s involvement. The measures were taken into force since February 8, 2017. Valid for 5 years.