An official of Japan’s second largest process Steel enterprise JFE steel was confirmed on Wednesday that the company has decided to increase the price of 400 series stainless steel plates sold in April 25,000 yen / ton ($ 228 / ton) to offset the part Production cost rising pressure. This price increase will apply to domestic spot buyers and long-term contract customers who have not yet used JFE steel alloy, mainly involving 400 stainless steel hot rolling and cold rolled sheet roll products. This company official added that in the total price increase of 25,000 yen / ton, 10,000 yen / ton is the price increase, mainly reflected in the price of raw materials such as iron ore and coal, and the remaining 15,000 days. Yuan / ton is mainly reflected in the price of chrome alloy during 4- June. It is understood that JFE Iron and Steel raised the stainless steel product based on the resource sales in March 2018. At that time, the reference price of 400 stainless steel sheet was raised by 10,000 yen / ton. A Tokyo Stainless Steel Trader said that the main force of the 400 series stainless steel sheet is mainly from the auto-related industry, but other manufacturing products such as household appliance manufacturers are also important customers in the products. \”According to our understanding, JFE steel stainless steel sheet production has been at a relatively high level,\” he added. JFE Iron and Steel currently produces only 400 series stainless steel products without producing 300 series products. Although the company did not disclose its specific stainless steel production, the sources believe that JFE steel accounted for about 20% of the total amount of stainless steel in Japan, which is the second largest stainless steel manufacturer in Japan.