Yahoo Finance Italy reported on March 3, the Italian National Steel Industry Association said that the epidemic has led to 40% of the national steel production, and a national steel plan is required to obtain a resuscitation, giving Europe’s second largest manufacturing (steel industry)) Provide long-term living opportunities.Soon, Germany has just developed a steel plan.

Ousmane Cissé, head of Somisen, recently said that Senegal is negotiating with a partner who has not disclosed names, which is designed to invest in Senegal Railway transport to support its iron ore mining.Since 2003, the seneegal government has promised to have a large repair from the Railway from Dakar to Bamako, but this line is out of 2018.Senegal President Macky Sall promised to modernize the railway in January 2020.The development of iron ore, phosphate and gold reserves in Senegal is far from region to region, and lacks infrastructure.The country has a wealth of phosphate, iron ore, mineral sand, gold and uranium deposits, but the mining industry is less than 6% in government revenue, and expanding the railway network will help to promote the economy of Senegal.