Recently, Malaysia International Trade and Industry issued an announcement that the applications submitted on March 1, 2021, which were submitted on March 1, 2021, decided to apply for prestressed concrete steel that originated or imported from China on March 1, 2021.Stranded Steel Wires for Prestressing Concrete launches anti-dumping check investigation.Malaysian coordination tariff tax and ASEAN coordination tax coding (AHTN) of the Malaysian coordination taxation (AHTN) are 7312.10.91 00.This initiative of this case will be made in 120 days from the date of the case.

According to reports, the Tariff Reform Coalition recently published that the tariff measures for the former US President Trump were \”low efficiency\” and \”self-destruction\”, which should be abolished. The Tariff Reform Alliance consists of 37 foreign trade associations (NFTC) lead vehicles, agriculture, and metal, including trade institutions in different industries. The alliance criticized, the Trump government made the US economy in the US economy in the United States according to the Targets of the Trade Expansion Law. Since August last year, US domestic steel prices have risen by 160%. At present, the US domestic steel price is 68% higher than the international market price. The Fed Research Report shows that steel prices have risen to US companies, and steel \”232 measures\” caused approximately 75,000 jobs in China to disappear. The alliance emphasizes that the Government of Biden should abolish steel aluminum \”232 measures\” and respond to the global capacity of global capacity according to the WTO agreement. Previously, the US metal manufacturer and the User Alliance (Cammu) have also sent a letter to the Minister of Commerce, Raymondo, urge to cancel the \”232 measures\”. According to reports, modification and revocation of \”232 measures\” is the main demand for the Korean economy. The Korean Trade Association, the National Economic People’s Federation has repeatedly requested the US to cancel the measures. During the Trump government, although South Korea was exempted from 25% of tariffs, 70% of steel export quota restrictions were still facing. South Korean steel industry people said that with the economic recovery of the world, the increase in steel demand, the quota has caused burden to the US steel importers, and the Biden government should fully consider this domestic industry opinion, relaxation or abolish quota measures. (Metallurgical home)