CNC planar grinding machines can be divided into software problems and hardware problems in nature of generating problems. 1. Software problems refers to no hardware damage, no need to replace the hardware, just adjust the data, which can be cleared. Software problems include the following categories: 1) Processing procedures prepares erroneous formation of software problems. Such problems have a alarm display that can be removed from the alarm information. 2) Machine data, parameter settings that are incorrectly formed. Now there are many machine data demand settings, sometimes due to the lack of battery power, electromagnetic interference, human error operation, etc., or have a machine tool for a while, some data demand is adjusted, but no adjustment, At this time, the machine will present a problem. This type of hairy can be cleared as long as the corresponding data is corrected, and the problem can be removed. 3) Software problems that operate incorrectly. Such problems are often caused by operating mistakes when the machine is just put into use in the initial period of use or when the machine is newly converted. 2. Hardware hardware problems refer to problems that must be replaced may be repaired by damaged devices. Now the reliability of the CNC system is getting higher and higher, so the problem of hardware problems is getting lower and lower. Comparable hardware problems are damaged by PLC input IV output interface. The PLC input interface presents problems, the system is not reactive; the PLC output interface presents problems, and the power amplifier element does not receive the instruction signal. Treatment Measures generally have the following two: 1) Correct the PLC program. If there is an alternate interface, a simpler handle is to correct the PLC program, replace the damaged interface with alternate interface. 2) Replace the spare parts. This method is simple and easy, but the cost is high.