With the continuous advancement of technology, the precision requirements of various industrial machinery spare parts are increasing, so the processing precision requirements for planar grinding machines are constantly improving, then what can we drive further development? Let’s work technology It is easy to compact, high precision and reliability, manufacturing process, convenient operation. The grinding of the grinding wheel is selected. The upper and lower planes of the workpiece can obtain high demand, the scale accuracy, and the edge roughness of the workpiece. The wire cutting plane grinding machine is suitable for grinding annular parts, valve slices, saw blades, milling cutters, manufacturing and mechanical manufacturing precision, can be widely used in Dongxi Factory, Bearing Factory, Air Compressor Factory and General Machinery Manufacturing Factory. The grinding and processing of precision parts, the domestic market is strong in grinding machine products, and the output value is far from satisfying the demand, and is mainly based on low end. In this situation, breaking the bottleneck when breaking it, and has become a problem that the grinder company needs to be solved. During the study, the development of the formed plane grinding machine is no longer limited to the grinding of the plane, has been extended to the grinding of the outer surface, the forming grinding method is high, and the manufacturer and users are strongly respected, developed and recognized, grinding accuracy. It is also getting higher and higher. Following high-tech development, high precision, ultra-precision molding grinding machines are also more wide, and producing a specific grinding machine is increasingly acceptable. There are also more humane, simply, and save time and effort, and reduce the misstatement rate, falling noise, preventing coolant splash from being improved.