The plane grinding machine is a large class in the metal cutting machine, with high precision, variety, is one of the necessary equipment for professional fine processing of motivation, transportation, metallurgy, aerospace, military and other careers.In order to customize the demand for the situation in the mall, the grinding machine has strengthened product structure adjustment in recent years, so that the old products continue to update, and developed a group of high-efficiency, fine, CNC grinding machines, and various special grinding machines, so that my country The grinding machine mall is rapidly lively, which is expressed in the yield of the grinding machine, and the sales volume is growing rapidly.At the same time, the significant growth of the CNC grinding machine optimizes the product structure of the grinding machine, and the share of the total sales is rapidly improved.The numerical control rate of grinding machine production during the \”Ninth Five-Year Plan\” period was 6.5%, and the numerical control rate of yield was 17.1%, while 2001 was 8.8% and 21.3%, respectively.According to my country Machine Tool Industry Association Grinder Branch, existing grinding machines have produced more than 30 enterprises, based on 19 primary companies related to 19 primary companies, the following will be analyzed and analyzed.