The plane grinding machine is accurately set to the orientation after delivery, lock four territories, on the foot mats on the foot of the earthquake gestick, so that the grinding machine is jitter, install the grinding wheel, connect the power supply, and turn off the power cord.This can be turned forward, add the guide oil inside behind the back oil, turn the power switch, let the grinding machine work normally, see if the oil road is onto the oil, see there is a oil in the column, if the oil, the oil mirror isIt will have oil, connect the dust collecting device or the water mill, *** The ultimate is to trigger the disk table or workpiece. If there is no corrugated and sensational state in the trial workpiece or on the countertop, then this precision grinding bed is good.In the thousands of diamonds, our flat grinding machines are within two μ, if the above situation is normal, the traffic is successful.