With the development of skills, the progress of the performance and reliability of CNC system, the price is more reasonable, so that the price of unintentional grinding machines and general grinding machine is accepted by the majority of users, follow the advanced manufacturing and automation skills in production requirements, planar grinding machine Application will also be more and more extensive. Parts is the accessory of assembled equipment, so the scale accuracy requirements are very high. If the presentation error will not be installed, the processing accuracy of the outer grinding machine must be accurate, but the outer grinding machine is a machining equipment, and there will be a mistake error Time points, what is the element affects grinding machine processing accuracy? 1 When you encounter such a situation, you should put the grinding head, head frame, and tail of the end of the unoccupial. The workpiece surface will be a double surface. 2, head frame, tail seat center connection on the parallelistic error of the grinding head spindle axis in the horizontal plane. When this error occurs, the outer surface of the workpiece wear will be a cone, that is, the grinding wheel is grinded, and the surface has a spiral grinding. 3, the effect of uninord grinding machine grinding head moves relative to the verticality of the machine guide rails on machining accuracy. In the face of this error, the final result is that the spindle axis is offset from the head frame, the tail seat center connection, and the verticality error of the shaft shoulder end surface and the workpiece axis is formed when the end surface of the abrasive shoulder. When there is no heart grinding machine, it will affect the surface roughness and a spiral grinding occurs.