According to MiningWeekly, Reuters reported that in order to alleviate the influence of new coronal pneumonia epidemic on mining, Indonesia will allow mining companies to export raw ore, even if their refining facilities are delayed. In 2020, Indonesia announced that in order to stimulate domestic high value-added refining industries, it will prohibit the original mine exports before 2023, and only those companies that can meet the progress of construction schemes may be allowed to be exported. The new regulation canceled the nickel ore export ban. In 2020, in order to encourage foreign companies to help government construction from the entire nickel supply chain produced from the mining to electric vehicles, Indonesia banned the export of nickel ore. The Indonesian government believes that if the company completes 90% of the construction target in a specific time, it is completed on schedule. According to the document signed on March 12 on March 12, the mining company can also be allowed to export even if it is not possible to complete the construction of refinery as scheduled. \”Companies holding metal mine production and operation mining licenses and special mining licenses for metal production operations can obtain export licenses even if they do not reach at least 90% of construction progress.\” The energy department said in the document. However, the Department said that \”administrative fines\” will be imposed on the 20% of the exports in accordance with the progress requirements but have obtained export licenses. \”This export incentive policy does not exempt the company’s obligation to continue building a smelter in Indonesia,\” said the energy department. (Natural Resources Department Global Geological Mineral Information System)