1. clearance calibration of the bearing monoblock.

2. bearing mounted on the shaft or tightening sleeve clearance calibration minimum maximum.


1.The standard clearance is C0.

2. In the use of calibrated clearance, with the above table of the amount of approval of the approval.

3. C2 clearance of the approved value because of the maximum and minimum difference, pay attention not to misuse.

The original radial clearance of the rolling bearing is: in the installation before without radial force under the inner ring relative to the outer ring along the radial direction from one extreme position to another extreme position movement amount bearing work clearance boundary is: after installation, no load under the shaft along the radial direction relative to the bearing outer ring movement amount, work clearance is the original radial clearance minus the clearance change amount ΔS due to interference common and heating expansion (in μm as unit) ) —– rolling bearing can play its all right function to a great extent is decided in can reach the appropriate working clearance working clearance is by the original clearance before the installation of the selected common service and the influence of temperature bearing clearance selection – radial internal clearance selected benchmark.

Theoretically, bearing running clearance only in the negative when the life becomes the longest, but we all know that even if it is a trace of negative clearance than this big also will rapidly reduce the life general initial clearance selection than 0 big in miniature bearing, small bore bearing most of the choice MC3, general bearing selection C0.

Table and inner wheel are clearance common axial load school don’t axial rigidity not pre-pressure, want to reduce clearance want to control vibration and sound low speed reverse rolling want to reduce friction torque plain axial load plain axial rigidity inner wheel only some tight common, outer wheel clearance common in low speed reverse rolling especially want to reduce friction torque axial load large to axial rigidity heavy load, impact load, need to overload inner wheel high temperature or outer wheel low temperature, shaft bending big.