Under the risk of demand, my country’s planar grinding machine output value adheres to the high-speed increase, with an annual compound rate of addition to 37.4%. In the economic development, *** policy support, under the context of upstream industrial revitalization, my country’s flat grinding machine occupation will still adhere to the high-speed increase, especially the *** planar grinder will usher in a larger shopping mall space, future 3 – 5 years, my country’s planar grinding machine occupational mall increase rate will arrive around 12%. \u0026 # 39; Twelfth Five-Year \u0026 # 39; my country will continue to invest, and increase its strength, a serious special project will drive funds more than 10 billion. This will have to carry out the shopping malls of my country’s domestic planar grinding machines and their CNC systems and related functional components, which undoubtedly continuously carries out their skills for domestic CNC systems, and expands the shopping malls to supply excellent opportunities. Looking at the Lost \u0026 # 39; Twelve Five-Year Plan Grinding Board will try to solve the main unit is not strong, the CNC system and the utility component lag, *** Precision planar grinding machine hub skill gap, product quality is not chaos Non-high, professional overall economic benefits, etc. At the moment, the completion of the machine tools to the machine tools to change towards the machine tools, completing the domestic stores in the domestic shopping mall, and there is a series of medium and long-term titles, 2009 to present, \”*** flat grinder Equipped with root production \u0026 # 39; continuous investment in science and technology shows the governments to carry out the determination of *** planar grinding machines and root production. In 2010, my country’s planar grinder output value arrived at 236,000 units, an increase of 62.2% year-on-year; my country’s planar grinding machine consumption exceeded 6 billion US dollars, with more than 100,000 units, and the planar grinding machine has become a flow of machine tool consumption. \u0026 # 39; Eleven Five-Year \u0026 # 39; Following a series of hub skills and its own formation , Enter the international high-speed plane grinding machine and high precision plane grinding machine out of the country. my country’s flat grinding machine has been experienced for more than 30 years of ups and downs, and has entered a mature period through growth period. In 2008, it has reached 122,000 units. The plane grinding machine is the dry flow of the novel mechanical operation, shopping mall hot spot.